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Tom was Born in Hollywood, California in 1966, to John and Nancy, who met in Columbia College film school. In 1969 Tom traveled with his parents to Europe, gaining experience in print, television and film. Working with such masters as Federico Fellini, in his 1971 film "Roma". Returning to the US in 1972, Tom went to school in the suburbs north of Chicago, Illinois, he grew suddenly his Junior year of High School and was a lanky 6' 4 ". In 1984, just after Tom's 17th birthday, he graduated High School and traveled the world for a year making action films with Chuck Norris, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Richard Harrison in Europe and Asia. At 19, Tom settled down in the sleepy surf community of Encinitas, California where he lived for the next 20+ years. Tom received his Bachelors Degree in Business Management from Cal State San Marcos and also taught video production there. Fascinated by new video production/post production technologies, Tom produced many tv commercials, documentaries and other video applications. In 1996, Tom combined his interests in video production and the collector car/race scene, by producing the half hour television show "Motorhead". Cox Communications ran the show throughout Southern California and offered Tom a position in the new High Speed Internet Department, where he worked for 6 years, helping to develop the Cyber Agent Program and producing training videos for new hire classes. Tom also ran the government channels for the cities of Encinitas and San Clemente for several years and produced videos for the San Diego County Office of Education; Digital Content Portal and ITV Channel 16. In 1999, Tom joined Planet X Television as a motorsports Producer and over the next 10 years, was promoted to Vice President of Sales and Distribution. Recently, Tom's interest in the collector car hobby, has led him to form Sciabola Inc, a California, S Corporation, and is developing reproductions of the American Motors, mid-engine supercar, AMX/3, as both gas and electric powered vehicles.

Together we can explore what the future will bring.

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Here are some home movies shot on Super 8 film and video from the 1970's and 80's in Europe and Asia on You Tube.